December 10th, 2018 by Melanie3101

A lovely testimonial from Solomon Carter:

Melanie has edited at least 20 of my books. In that time her services have proven to be professional, reliable and cost effective. She is approachable throughout a project and she is consistent in her work. Melanie also offers helpful insights to ensure your books reach the reader in the best shape possible. Her work often picks up on any technical and plotting issues which is vital to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for the reader. Highly recommended.


Solomon Carter

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October 18th, 2018 by Melanie3101

I thoroughly enjoyed editing this, the third novel in the Harder They Fall Series.

“In a race to uncover a killer, Dan must fend off those who mean him harm and weave a path between the lies and the truth. In a situation this deadly, that’s no mean feat.

Seconds out, Round 3…”



The best in the series so far with a missing person investigation set against the backdrop of an ongoing vendetta related to Dan’s past.


Solomon Carter – Harvest of Blood – Amazon









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October 1st, 2018 by Melanie3101

Editing completed, The Stone Girl, second in the new Harder They Fall series is now available.  Another page turner by Solomon Carter.

Dan and Eva take an unlikely looking case  – and end up always one step behind the truth.

Is their old friend pulling a fast one?

Probably. And what about the young woman with the mysterious pendant around her neck?

Some gems are too precious to be ignored.

And some are too deadly to touch.

When the Private Investigators discover the true value of the grey stone, all becomes clear. It means big trouble all round.

But what can they do about it? Whichever route they choose spells trouble.

Meanwhile, another of Dan’s old boxing friends is in dire trouble. And another refused to see the truth. His arrogance could be his undoing… Unless the man called Cato kills him first…

Cads, cut throats, psychopaths, liars and mysterious femme fatales… In The Stone Girl, Eva and Dan must overcome them all.

And even if they do, the nightmare won’t end there…

In a truly thrilling conclusion, villains of all stripes plot the downfall of their foes. To the victor the spoils. But the losers might face their death.

The Stone Girl – Amazon

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September 28th, 2018 by Melanie3101

Released FREE today, the first in the new series – Harder They Fall.


After a critical incident, Private Investigators Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are left to pick up the pieces. They never give up. But this new challenge seems insurmountable – and with every passing moment the darkness closes in.

While his body heals Dan must track down a ruthless killer. Trouble is, these scars won’t heal quickly… and Dan’s new nemesis may strike at any time.

Dan’s partner, the serious and beautiful Eva Roberts, persuades Dan to take a working break away to the South West. They investigate a mysterious death in picturesque Devon – but this getaway turns out to be anything but relaxing.

And as they work the Devon case fate intervenes… and the nightmare Dan cannot avoid tracks him down.

There are more victims.

Some are in denial – some too scared to face the truth.

But Dan has no choice. He must face his demons – or die trying.

And the Devon case which started out as a novelty becomes a deadly crisis. A  blogger is dead… and her housemates may be next. And there could yet be international consequences…

In a truly thrilling conclusion an unsolved murder is brought back to life and a killer is exposed. But the monster behind the vendetta will soon strike again… 

Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, Helen Durrant, Joy Ellis and LJ Ross. If you love to read gripping thrillers with flawed characters, humour and a hint of romance, you will love Roberts and Bradley in Harder They Fall.


Harder They Fall – Amazon

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August 24th, 2018 by Melanie3101

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